About me

What I really look like according to my son

Ah, me, me, me…! Hmm, as I tell stories, I suppose I could take huge liberties here and be the me I think you’ll want me to be. But how can I possibly guess that? And each of you will want something different anyway (if interested at all), which means it’s probably best to stick to what I know. Which is the me that I actually inhabit. So, for those that would like a little background, here goes…

I live in the UK and theatre has always been a passion. I gained a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies at Royal Holloway College, London University, then became a systems analyst. Yeah…odd. Still, off I went into the big wide technical world and picked up a few skills along the way. Many have been quite useful to the world of indie publishing, so all good.

My creative writing began to develop in earnest around the time of the Millenium, when my musical theatre collaboration began with the wonderful composer Kaye Tompkins. We spent the next decade writing musical theatre and cantatas together, under the management of The Sharland Organisation. Great times.

Finally I returned to my childhood love of books and story telling, resulting in the March 2012 launch of my debut romance novel, The Treeman. With the sequel recently published, called The River Girl, this first year has been a heady mix of seeing my book takes its first tentative steps and learning all I can about the new world of indie writers and e-publishing.

It’s been a whirlwind, but I’ve connected to a huge number of other writers who all coax and encourage each other onwards. A wonderful community, supported by some equally generous readers. I’m loving every second…!

Random facts not connected to writing:

Love: acting and singing
Hate: playing rounders or any kind of sport (but happy to cheer you on!)
Favourite colour: green
Favourite meal: sausage, mash and gravy
Best ever holiday: skiing in Austria (yes, I know it’s sporty and I should have hated it, but I’m a girl and contrary)
Worst experience: getting stuck on the ski lift, very high (yes, I know skiing means steep mountains…now.)
Motto 1: If you don’t give it a try you’ll never know
Motto 2: Do what you want to do, as long as you don’t hurt anyone else in the process
Favourite quote: Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work (courtesy of Bette Davis)