New horizons

poster-v2_1-with-date_smAnd so I return to this blogging lark with a wee smile. Sometimes the creative work itself pulls you away, but there comes a time to share news. I suspect no-one is listening here, as I acted on a keen instinct and whispered, ‘I may be gone some time’ quite some time ago. But unlike Oates in the Antarctic, I seem to have survived. Even if I now mutter into the wilderness, I mutter with a sense of delight, as excitement reigns. A little ‘play wot I wrote’ is making its way to the stage after a 16 year wait. Others have emerged in the years between, along with a couple of novels (and a third on the way), all of which felt very special. But when something has taken this amount of time to come to fruition, it creates a very sweet feeling.

So I’m here to report with huge excitement, that Cloud the musical is on its way. Written in collaboration with the inimitable composer Kaye Tompkins, it’s being generously hosted by Sharnbrook Mill Theatre Trust in Bedfordshire, England. This wonderful converted water mill is the site of a thriving community theatre and a cast of 40 talented local performers (some of the best in the area) have committed their time and hearts to this project.

The show is a tale of pioneers, trying to survive the challenges of colonisation on the planet Cloud. Set in a time when Earth can no longer sustain life, this is not so much a sci-fi, but a gritty tale of rebellion, passion and betrayal. Originally developed in 2001, it has been pulled apart over the last two years, resequenced, characters killed, others born and tweaked into a new form that celebrates human resilience.

It will be produced over a period of time this year, but will have its moment at the Mill Theatre during 5-10th June 2017. We will transport ourselves, and our audience, from this still beautiful blue jewel of Earth to the rocky coastline of Cloud. We will escape for a little while.

If you like, you can find out why 40 performers, the crew and designers, are giving months of free time to breathe life into this new work by following the show’s progression.

Cloud can be found on twitter: @cloudthemusical and on facebook at: and you can find booking details at:

Ta ta for now…


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