Behind the pages…News flash!

Quick post to raise awareness of a new interview about insights behind The Treeman which you can see at

The lovely Javier Robayo (American author of The Gaze and The Next Chapter) asked me to participate. A great honour as he’s a fantastic writer, with legions of fans. It was a fun exercise and the published dialogue can be seen on the ‘Behind the pages’ section of his blog (see link above). You can see other books he’s featured here too and he’s adding new interviews on a regular basis. Worth a look folks.

Back soon!


Inspiration from Elizabeth Gilbert

Yes, my crowd control blog coming soon, promise. But an interim post of a video clip, because this is so uplifting you really should listen.  (No – I didn’t select this just because the colours match my blog scheme, honest… Although I have been known to purchase wine because the label matches the napkins. Shallow? Moi? Never. Just no bloody idea about wine.)

Been a little poorly lately and with life interrupted (nothing too serious, but enough to make me climb off the merry-go-round for a short while), I’ve had time to catch up with a few links. I know that with nearly 5 million views, you’ve probably caught this already, but if not, then let me share.

This is unmissable for anyone who writes or provides a creative output of any kind. About 19 minutes in total, but don’t let that put you off. It is worth staying to the end. If you have ever grappled with the sheer untimeliness when inspiration sparks, then listen. If you have even felt daunted or afraid of the spark (“Will it be any good?”…”Will it fail?”) then do yourself a favour and listen. Besides, she’s a very natural, appealing and articulate public speaker. At the very least you will be gently and gracefully entertained for the next short while… And then you will be disappointed to let her go.